I need a solution

Been struggling on this one for days. Hoping someone has already been through it because i’m throwing up the white flag:

* New deployment of SEE 11.1.3 –

* SEE Server – 2016

* SEE Client(s) – Windows (1063) – Windows clients have .net 4.7.1 installed and windows defender app and browser control have been disabled

Server deployed per install instructions. Policies all configured correctly for removable media encryption including:

* Full read/write access

* Encrypt all files

* Allow default password

* Distribute access utilities for windows and Mac OS

* Automatic drive encryption using bitlocker

When testing the client agent we have tried (as admin)

1) Simply double clicking the MSI


Automatic drive encryption with bitlocker works perfectly.

We cannot get removable encryption to :

1) Trying to enter a default password keeps resulting in the error: “Your Default Password could not be saved” despite it meeting all the criteria

2) Utilities are never automatically copied to the usb flash drive upon insertion. Have tried 3 different devices

3) Cannot write new files to any USB device. And upon trying to right click -> Symantec Encryption – > Encrypt, error received “An internal error occured while encrypting one or more of the files”. If we uninstall the SEE agent, we are able to write to the device fine so it isn’t anything in group policy doing this.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!


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