Burgerville  - Burgerville - Fin7 Cybercrime Group Hacked Burgerville and Stolen Card Details

The US food chain Burgerville was the recent of the notorious Fin7 hacker group. The placed malware on Burgerville’s network and collect the payment card details.

Burgerville managed immediately to stop the and disable the malware with the help of third-party and in cooperation with the FBI.

Burgerville Breach

The US food chain confirmed no other customers personal information was compromised and the working with its to address the incident.

According to the company security breach release, the hackers stole customers’ credit and debit card information, including names, card numbers, expiration dates, and the CVV numbers.

The US food chain company confirmed no other customers personal information was compromised and the company working with its employees to address the incident.

The tactics of this particular group of hackers make it very difficult to know exactly how many people were directly affected and exactly which card numbers were stolen.

Burgerville request customers to monitor debit or credit card activity if you used the card in any one of the outlets between September 2017 and September 30, 2018.

The company said they will continue to work with its cybersecurity firm to evaluate and upgrade its security systems. Burgerville is the privately held American restaurant owned by The Holland Inc.

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