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Malwarebytes Buys Binisoft for Firewall Management

Vendor plans to integrate Binisoft's Windows Firewall Control into the Malwarebytes endpoint protection platform.Malwarebytes is acquiring Binisoft, a privately held Romanian company, to strengthen its endpoint protection platform. Binisoft is...

FBI issues VPNFilter malware warning, says “REBOOT NOW” [PODCAST]

The FBI just issued a VPNFilter malware warning saying, "Reboot your routers now!" But why? And will it help? Source link

10 Free DevOps-Friendly Security Tools Developers Will Love

Start building an affordable DevSecOps automation toolchain with these free application security tools. Source link

Security of HTML5 May Not Live Up to Promise

Once believed to be bereft of the security risks inherent in plugins like Adobe Flash, HTML5 attributes enable malware attacks, and The Media Trust is reporting that it has discovered numerous malware...

Trump’s blocking of Twitter users declared unconstitutional – Naked Security

Lisa Vaas Lisa has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995. She rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for eWEEK, popped out with...

Pet Trackers Open to MITM Attacks, Interception | Threatpost

Family pets are near and dear to us, so smart collars and other devices for animals that track their locations are becoming popular; a world without the need for lost-pet...

Wicked Mirai Brings New Exploits to IoT Botnets

The latest variant of the venerable Mirai botnet malware combines approaches and brings new exploits to the world of IoT security challenges.It's hard to keep a bad bot down. That's...

Electron Windows Protocol Handler MITM/RCE (bypass for CVE-2018-1000006 fix)Security Affairs

As part of an engagement for one of our clients, we analyzed the patch for the recent Electron Windows Protocol handler RCE bug (CVE-2018-1000006)...

Does your BMW need a security patch?

Researchers have found 14 security vulnerabilities affecting BMW i Series, X Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series. Source link

Millions of IoT Devices Vulnerable to Z-Wave Downgrade Attacks, Researchers Claim | Threatpost

The popular home automation protocol Z-Wave, used by millions of IoT devices, is vulnerable to a downgrade attack that could allow an adversary to take control of targeted devices, according...


10 top digital transformation trends for 2018

In the year 2018, how will companies use development processes, business practices, IT infrastructure, and technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT to help...