Unsanctioned Apps Invite Fox into Cybersecurity Hen House

In this InfoSec Insider, Tim Bandos looks at why network admins will want to keep a close watch on network traffic within the enterprise. Source link

Russian hacking, 2016 U.S. elections, social media, fake Americans

The Russia connection12 Russian intelligence operatives criminally charged for hacking, leaking DNC emails in 2016The U.S. Justice Department today (Friday) has criminally charged twelve Russian intelligence officers for the hacking...

Cisco FXOS and NX-OS Software Cisco Fabric Services Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability

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Top 5 Dangerous Hackers Groups that made the Invisible Internet

Internet surfaced as the new and boundless battleground in 2017. The previous year has seen a standout among the most wrecking cyberattacks...

Fresh Spectre Variants Come to Light

The newly-discovered Spectre variants can be exploited to uncover confidential data via microarchitectural side channels in CPUs. Source link

Hacker Compromises Air Force Captain to Steal Sensitive Drone Info

The thief also had a second dataset, including the M1 Abrams maintenance manual, a tank platoon training course, a crew survival course and documentation on improvised explosive device (IED) mitigation...

Newsmaker Interview: Scott Helme on Securing the Web

Threatpost sat down with Helme to discuss the state of web security, including certificate transparency, HTTPS deployment, Let's Encrypt, content security policy and HTTP strict transport security. Source link

Wildfires, urban development, natural disasters, disaster insurance

WildfiresAll wildfires are not alike, but the U.S. is fighting them that wayBy Stephen PyneEvery major fire rekindles another round of commentaries about “America’s wildfire problem.” But the fact is...

Cisco Firepower System Software Detection Engine Denial of Service Vulnerability

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Researchers Reveal Workaround for Apple’s USB Restricted Mode

Researchers released a workaround for Apple's USB Restricted Mode security feature the same day it was rolled out. Source link