Voice impersonators can fool speaker recognition systems

Skilful voice impersonators are able to fool state-of-the-art speaker recognition systems, as these systems generally aren't efficient yet in recognising voice modifications, according to new research. The vulnerability of speaker...

Speedy collision detector could make robots better human assistants

A faster collision detection algorithm could enable robots to work more fluidly in the operating room or at home for assisted living. The algorithm, dubbed 'Fastron,' runs up to eight...

Multiplayer video games: Skill at game and intelligence linked

A link between young people's ability to perform well at two popular video games and high levels of intelligence has been uncovered. Source link

New way to write magnetic info could pave the way for hardware neural networks

Researchers have shown how to write any magnetic pattern desired onto nanowires, which could help computers mimic how the brain processes information. Source link

Artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers

Researchers have created origami-inspired artificial muscles that add strength to soft robots, allowing them to lift objects that are up to 1,000 times their own weight using only air or...

With 'material robotics,' intelligent products won't even look like robots

Robots as inconspicuous as they are ubiquitous represent the vision of researchers in the new and burgeoning field of material robotics. Source link

Why Applied Machine Learning Is Hard

How to Handle the Intractability of Applied Machine Learning. Applied machine learning is challenging. You must make many decisions where there is no known “right answer” for your specific problem, such as: What...

Robot learning improves student engagement

Online students who use the innovative robots feel more engaged and connected to the instructor and students in the classroom, the first-ever study of a pioneering robot-learning course shows. Source link...

Helping hands guide robots as they learn

Researchers help humans and robots collaborate by enabling real-time interactions that modify a robot's path to its goal. The study will help robots make the transition from structured factory floors...

How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence?

Researchers have shown how human operators can maintain control over a system comprising several agents that are guided by artificial intelligence. Source link