Thursday, September 20, 2018
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ThreatList: Malware Samples Targeting IoT More Than Double in 2018

A honeypot set up to sniff out data on infected IoT devices found a broad array of compromised devices – from Mikrotik routers to dishwashers. Source link

Zero-Day Bug Allows Hackers to Access CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Firmware used in up to 800,000 CCTV cameras open to attack thanks to buffer overflow zero-day bug. Source link

Extremism on line, ISIS, terrorism

Extremism onlineIdentifying extremists online even before they post dangerous contentPublished 19 September 2018The number and size of online extremist groups using social networks to harass users, recruit new members, and...

Cisco Data Center Network Manager Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

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Yahoo Persists in Scanning Emails for In-Depth Ad-Targeting

The service gleans information from receipts, travel itineraries, trade confirmations for online brokerages, Uber messages, auto-loan confirmations, promotions and much more. Source link

Syria, Israel, chemical weapons, rockets, assassination

Chemical weaponsUN confirms 33 chemical attacks, constituting war crimes, by Syrian regime since 2013Published 14 September 2018The United Nations reported Wednesday that the Assad regime in Syria continues to use...

Apple Yet to Patch Safari Browser Address Bar Spoofing Flaw

A flaw in Safari - that allows an attacker to spoof websites and trick victims into handing over their credentials - has yet to be patched. Source link

Researchers Heat Up Cold-Boot Attack That Works on All Laptops

The attack bypasses BIOS mitigations for cold-boot compromise on models from Apple, Dell, Lenovo and all others made in the last 10 years. Source link

E.U.: Tech Giants Face Big Fines, 1 Hour Limit to Remove Extremist Content

The rules would apply to all hosting service providers offering services in the E.U., regardless of size, even if they’re not based there. Source link