There are some basic rules of business that a businessman has to keep in mind before setting up a company or a start-up. Apart from being focused on quality over quantity, there is one another crucial factor which is mandatory to be kept in mind, by a businessman. To grow your business and, as a result, earn the best profit from the business the most vital aspect of a business is its popularity. When a business is developed, whether it achieves success over its competitor or be surpassed by its competitors solely depends upon the popularity, and trust of the targeted audience and public.

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The trust of a business is in the hand of the owner as their service/product quality dictates how much trust they can get. Whereas, this particular “popularity” for a , is achieved with SEO. This term SEO stands for search engine optimization. Most of the information that we see on the internet is ranked according to its SEO. When a uses the internet and make a search on or any other search engine, he witnesses many links that are ranked according a certain protocol.

The Popularity of a business can be achieved using different methods. There are a lot of information on the internet about what can be done by the business owner so that they can make their page or website visible on a different website with great SEO. One such method is to hire Digital Marketers who will work on the business SEO and as a result, this would make their website more popular. However, in return, the business man will have to make a hefty payment to the digital marketers who revamped their website. This can all be avoided and the same result can be achieved by using listing web-pages that are platforms for similar businesses.

Here is some of the best listing website of India.



DialJordan is one of the best which makes many services available on one single platform. It is a local search engine in India and it helps users within India to find the best service in the shortest amount of time. So, users can search for and avail any needed services at any time.

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Visit nowDialJordan

It is really a cool and amazing website. Here is a quotation that it has in its foreground, and as far as its reviews are concerned, the quotation is absolutely true. It is, “All you need found in one place”.

The website is beautifully designed and everything information about products or services that you might need is available here on this website.



Sulekha is also one of the better listing web pages that allow many businessmen to write or post their advertisement on it. However, listing is not the service that actually provides. Sulekha provides a unique service that connects its users to many websites that can potentially solve/meet their needs. The users will find a lot of different websites to have their problem solved on Sulekha. The problem could be anything and could be regarding anything.

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It is such a one of a kind website which connects population to the service-providers available at Bangalore. It provides all such services which might be necessary and could be needed by anyone. It provides services like- home-based services, transportation services, business services, education services etc. and many others.

Visit here SULEKHA.COM



Zoompo is a similar website to the one mentioned above. The website not only provides a platform for the user to meet their needs but also allows the various companies to post their advertisements on the webpage. They, along with providing the popularity among the people and audience, allow the owners of the business to make their services available for the needy. The services that it does provide are quite easy to understand and are easy to implement. All that you have to do is simply “click”. It acts as a bridge between you and the company by providing service that you are in need of.

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Visit here ZOOMPO.COM



This website is a special one. For some this website will not be appealing while it maybe better for others. This website is global and connects the industries from all over the world, to people so that they may have the services which they are need of. It connects the international companies to provide such services which the domestic users might need. It provides and offers many online services and delivers many services and products upon receiving orders. The service or product that have been ordered are guaranteed to be delivered safely with customer satisfaction as its main criteria. is among the leading listing websites of India.

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INDIACLICK.COM: – is a very cool listing website and one of my favourite among all the listing websites. It features everything that a user wants. The website provides listing of businesses for free, and for users, you can find any product or service that they need at one website:


VCSDATA.COM: – is a similar listing website as the listing websites mentioned above. This website allows its users to search and access all the service that they might want. With a simplistic design and an easy to understand UI,  it becomes be very easy for the users to use this particular website.

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It contains a lot of businesses with more than 72000 companies accessible to you, i.e. you would be in of these many companies, with this particular website.

Visit here VCSDATA.COM



Listing websites provide a platform for the common people to find their desired product/service. With numerous businesses ranging from a variety of services and products, consumers have an easier time finding the service/product that they want while providing businesses with a platform to showcase their products/services. I personally feel that these listing websites make our country more developed with easy access to services that citizens need.


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