I remember the first time he passed me his morning newspaper. It felt like a rite of passage, a coming of age event. I remember being engrossed and my father told me then and there that if I keep reading newspaper everyday, my life will change as a result.

From the initial excitement of finally reading my father’s newspaper to the eventual getting hooked to newspaper; one of my best decisions in high school was to listen to my father and develop the habit of reading newspaper.

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Since the age of 14, I have been spending 1 minutes to 1 hour everyday (almost) reading newspaper. Whether it be to have a thorough read or just skim through, I have found that this habit has enabled me to grow as a global citizen.


With access to national as well as international news, I learnt that this habit has widened my outlook and enriched my knowledge. I have grown to sympathize and empathize with the disasters happening around the world and realize how small of a speck I am on the earth.

With daily access and touch with the English language due to my news reading habit, I have also found that my grasp over the language as well as my vocabulary has deepened as a result.


Daily news reading also helps with my social interaction as I have found that it makes it easier to relate to people while talking about the current events.


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Thomas Jefferson once said “An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy”. This perfectly encapsulates my belief that reading news is a prerequisite to becoming a global citizen. Staying updated on the happenings around the world, while improving my english grammar and vocabulary, there are almost no downfalls to this method of improving yourself.

However, now that I am in , I find myself hard pressed for time to read newspaper. I have grown to abhor the arduous and lengthy articles that I once loved.

With the hectic schedule i maintain, i have found less and less time to read the traditional and arduous newspaper. Juggling between college lectures, assignment deadlines and maintaining a social life, I have found less and less time for my once loved hobby.

Newspapers have transformed from my gateway to the outside world to just a piece of paper right now. Its only use now: to wrap stuffs up.


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Lamenting the quagmire that I was stuck in; the arrival of short news app has been a boon for me. In my honest opinion, I have found that ‘Awesummly’ is the ideal epitome of what I needed to revitalize my news reading habit.

With its AI powered summarization, I get access to short summarized news that are approximately 60 words in length. Being able to read a short paragraph in under a minute and stay afloat on all events around the world, Awesummly is indeed awesome.

With features such as: audio news, offline reading, news notification and live sports score; access to news has never been easier for me.

Now, I can use my college Wi-Fi to save important news articles on Awesummly, which I can read later on.

Or visit the AWESUMMLY.COM

Being a tech junkie, I am now notified instantly by the app when a new news in Technology pops up.


Furthermore, the app AI recognizes my reading patterns and algorithmically updates my feed such that only relevant news are posted on my feed. I found this feature to be awesome. Usually you are constrained by the choice of news that you select, however, it comes as a huge surprise when the Awesummly app uses its AI to place suitable short news based on our reading preferences.


My daily commute to college back to my PG is efficiently spend on Awesummly; whether it be reading the latest technology news, staying up to date on live cricket score or just listening to audio news.


So download Awesummly, give it a try. I am sure that you will be hooked on the app.


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